Think About this…

A while ago, I got a new phone…

I won’t delve into details about the phone.

I’m about a gamer as lil wayne a basket baller, but this game practically called out to me. The name of the game is Asphalt 8 Airborne. It is a car racing game, which involves the use of nice cars to…. Race.

It was so addictive that I started a virtual career on the game. Don’t worry, I didn’t stay at home for a week ordering take outs to play the game, but it was all I played whenever I held my phone in the toilet, during breaks, during prayers sports.

I realized the reason why I liked the game so much. During the game play, if you are in the middle of a race and you are leading, there are obstacles you need to dodge and cars you need to avoid, lest you will be wrecked. In the event of being wrecked, the race will reset your car to the point of wreckage, void of all damages, while most of the other cars would have passed you. You may decide to continue, or to restart your game.

I liked it because it reminded me of life.

In life, if you venture into something, and you experience a setback in the middle, others won’t wait for you. You have to choose, whether you correct your mistakes or you start up another venture. It is your choice to make and no one waits for you.

I guess what I’m saying is that you will always have a chance to learn from your mistakes, or to start afresh, but you need to realize that time won’t wait for you to take second chances every time you have a needle pinch along the way. Sometimes, you need to suck it up and press refresh, all the while taking a note of time.

Thank you.



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