He stared into the dark space,

His eyes, immobile, locking on a gaze,

His ears, hovering,listening for a trace,

The hairs on his skin stood in a brace,

His mind’s vibrations picked its pace,

As his body warmed up for a brace.

Somewhere nearby he heard a hiss,

Something around him was amiss,

Maybe his mind was trying to tease,

Maybe he was trying to avoid bliss,

He hath little time to reminisce,

As he fell into the deep abyss,

He hoped only to find peace.

It started solemnly like the odes of old,

The pain, starting out as a tiny scold,

As the memories began to unfold,

And the tales of old were told.

For the past had caught up with him,

But for him, his future shall’t whim,

Past, present, future, All but a team,

With chances of sanity being so dim,

He had only one way out.

And that escape, that redemption from his nightmare was to DAYDREAM!!!


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