Understanding the slogan: Protocol sucks

The world is filled with 7 billion people,

Each one of these with a mind not so simple.

Each one living in its own modified version of reality,

So beautiful, no one could break it all down in analysis.

Look at the mentally ill, the schizophrenics,

Having to deal with the pushy voices,

Hoping they don’t succumb to the demanding noises,

Look at the gender racists, the sexists,

Amused by the population growth of feminists.

Look at the stories of the leaders,

Mandela, Napoleon and Hitler.

The problem sets in when people try to enforce their own reality, their beliefs and approaches to life, on other people,

Or when people judge other people’s versions of reality based on their own version.

If he is gay, he believes in bromance, and that is simply his version of reality.

If he is black, his skin has melanin in substantial quantity, and thats his reality.

If he is an atheist…..

If he’s an idiot……

We want a world where peace exists,

Yet we lock up a man if he loves another man. What happens after he serves his sentence, is he allowed to live freely??

The bible says to remove the log in your eyes, before attempting to remove the specks in other people’s eyes.

How do we even see eye to eye in a collective reality, where we celebrate the corrupt, and punish the hungry when they take any action??

A collective reality, created with so many loop holes nobody seems eager to challenge. A collective reality we just exist in, not wondering, just because we have our own beliefs.

Have we become emotionless in our existence, zombies??

This collective reality, this society, governed by rules made by people who refuse to acknowledge that the world is changing.

An open collective reality, where every one can be challenged, and their actions questioned, where everybody is free to believe, to live as they see the world.

This is the reality that I see, the cause I believe in, and the driving force of this blog…IMG_0680.JPG

So by saying “protocol sucks”, I mean to say that the way the rules in this collective reality is set up SUCKS!!


Be yourself!!!

There are two kinds of people in this world;

Those who look to be inspired by people that stand out,

Those who look to inspire people by standing out.

For in any approach we try to take it,

or any method we try to make it,

We do not actually live our own lives without being ourselves.

Where we live in a society that constantly increases its expectations

A society that holds science in high esteem,

yet wonder why the finance and art sector is sparsely populated,

A society that lays excessive emphasis on being a virgin,

Yet fly whispers when marriages fail due to inexperience,

A society that seeks to endorse peace,

Yet spends millions in acquiring weapons and ammo,

A society that constantly preaches the usefulness of degrees,

Yet would gladly pay a million to see Wizkid perform.

Is this the society that you want to sacrifice your abilities to satisfy?

The irony of it makes me wonder,

Why do we even attempt to blend in?

Do we take the hard and dedicated way to ensure stability?

Or do we take the shortcut, with all its promises?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Ben Carson,

As a kid now, he will tell you he wants to be like Michael jackson.

A wise man once told me: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.

Whether you want to fly,

Or whether you want to run as fast as the wind.

Whether you can’t solve a simple differential calculus question,

Or whether you cant spell ‘believe’

Do not choose you weaknesses at the expense of your strengths just because society demands it from you.

Always be yourself, run towards the sun away from your kryptonite,

And you will always be happy.


#Super heroes, Yay or Nay??

So, i have always wondered if super heroes are real??

I know they are not, but there is this titsy-bitsy part of me that keeps insisting that they do #heshar

Assuming they do? Imagine how nice it will be to have Justice league of Nigeria? #heshar

They will probably be dealing with thieves that wear Agbada and suits to steal our money #heshar

The main problem these leagues of vigilantes face is that people don’t accept them because they wield too much power, with advanced weapons #heshar

I think people are scared of them because their secrets are going to be out in the open #heshar

Wouldn’t it be better to have powerful people with the capabilities to annihilate us and the power to subdue evil on our sides, rather than against us?? #heshar

Seriously though, i was just thinking… Its strictly from my imagination
No plagiarism *lips sealed*

Perception is half of everything!!

My grandparents are based in the same state i live. This warranted quite a lot of visits from me. My grandmothers cooking was the main cause.

They have a big compound, such that the main house is located at one side of the compound, and the other side is unoccupied but fenced. This gives people the opportunity to park their vehicles at the side of the house.

Ever since I was a kid, we always entered the house through the back door. We were so absorbed in this habit that I wasn’t aware of the existence of the front door. In my head, the back door was already the front door. Oddly enough, I might have wondered once or twice why the front door (the actual back door) was so small, when there was a larger door at the back of the house. I didn’t realize i got it all wrong. I got it wrong for years till it occurred to me that i might have been looking at it backwards.

I tried to correct this perceptive mistake by entering the house through the actual front door, but I wasn’t able to do so. I would have reached the back door, before I realized that I passed the front door on my way.

The important life lesson i’m trying to draw out from this boring story is that perspective/perception matters, and doesn’t change easily. It is like a steering wheel, that once faulty, keeps leading you in the wrong direction. Have you wondered why violence amongst parents inspire violent acts in their kids. Genetic material only makes up half our character. Our view of life makes up the other half. The same applies to our children.

There is a saying “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.


Think About this…

A while ago, I got a new phone…

I won’t delve into details about the phone.

I’m about a gamer as lil wayne a basket baller, but this game practically called out to me. The name of the game is Asphalt 8 Airborne. It is a car racing game, which involves the use of nice cars to…. Race.

It was so addictive that I started a virtual career on the game. Don’t worry, I didn’t stay at home for a week ordering take outs to play the game, but it was all I played whenever I held my phone in the toilet, during breaks, during prayers sports.

I realized the reason why I liked the game so much. During the game play, if you are in the middle of a race and you are leading, there are obstacles you need to dodge and cars you need to avoid, lest you will be wrecked. In the event of being wrecked, the race will reset your car to the point of wreckage, void of all damages, while most of the other cars would have passed you. You may decide to continue, or to restart your game.

I liked it because it reminded me of life.

In life, if you venture into something, and you experience a setback in the middle, others won’t wait for you. You have to choose, whether you correct your mistakes or you start up another venture. It is your choice to make and no one waits for you.

I guess what I’m saying is that you will always have a chance to learn from your mistakes, or to start afresh, but you need to realize that time won’t wait for you to take second chances every time you have a needle pinch along the way. Sometimes, you need to suck it up and press refresh, all the while taking a note of time.

Thank you.


Reduce your honking!!! …


Walking out of your compound to take a stroll in the busy street by your house, smiling to yourself as you enjoy the sweet silence, occasionally broken by the sound of car tires hitting the tarred roads.


HELL NO!!! You would probably have muttered one or two curse words at one disrespectful driver, who has a honking/heartbeat rate of 1 or above. That driver that just punches the horn like his life depends on it. You hold your curse in mid-statement as you realize that honking is a compulsory exercise that every driver must go through, in order not to end up with a dented ride.


However, let me play with your mind for a little beat. New York City, one of the world’s busiest cities, has placed a ban on the use of horns. Another city in Brazil, I can’t quite recall the name, has also placed a ban on the use of horns. How come accidents do not occur ever so frequently in these two mega-cities?

Do you suppose they probably use some sort of telepathic communications to read each other’s minds and positions? Yeah right.

I began to wonder, is it because we must use horns that we press them? Or because we have become accustomed to receiving warnings in our everyday life in general, that we go off script, and expect someone out there to warn us?

In turn, we begin to warn people out there by sounding our horns.

Every day, whether work, politics, marriage, friendship, and probably anything that has to do with one or two others, why do we do the wrong thing while we have knowledge of the right thing?


What happens if no one wishes to correct us no matter the number of people we have corrected?


What if you go on honking, and one day you are so fast, nobody honks to slow you down? What happens then?


What happens when your manager gives you the work, you make a mistake, you overlook it, expecting the manager to check it and correct the mistake, and the manager ends up being too busy to check your work? What happens then?


Let’s just reduce our honking rates and begin to be more careful while driving. If everyone does this, gradually, you won’t need to use your horn again.

Let’s stop honking to others and start honking to ourselves

References; Walking out of my compound to take a stroll in the busy street by my house.