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Why you do not turn left to go right!!!

Of course, we are the enlightened ones, the readers. You and I have often come across this saying ‘sometimes you need turn left to go right’. This has been illustrated in most books, where the boy has to become an asshole to get the girl, or the manager has to go into some Ponzi scheme to save the company. Sometimes in cases where you cannot surprise them with your intelligence and instead, impress them with your bullshit, or in the situation of one of my favorite animation movies ‘cars’.

Lightning McQueen was a race car. When he was undergoing that classic ‘training before you beat the bad guy’ part of the movie just right before the climax, he was instructed to turn left to go right. This helped his drifting and eventually favored his race. Sorry for digressing.

So, unless you are a race car or driver that is learning to drift, I should solemnly inform you not to go negative to achieve positive results. This advice is a compulsory one that I must give, because of some situations.

One of this situations is the Nigerian state. Let’s face it, this country of yours is not even close to a normal standard. I have often enquired from people as to the cause of this nation’s plight and the solution to it.

The reply that topped of the poll was ‘everything has to go bad, before it becomes good. One day a man would stand up and change the nation’. My reply for all of them, including you if you are part of them is; STOP SAYING THRASH!!! Should we die out while waiting for this so called savior? Or should we just keep making this country worse and worse, so that one day, a young man from nowhere, with or without sandals will stand up and save us?

The answer is NO!!! We are humans, capable of reasoning and ability to choose whether to be good or bad, whether to be smart or foolish, whether to be corrupt, or to leave the place better than we met it.

The singular advantage of human beings as higher animals, means we should explore our minds and make our decisions wisely. Do you want the next person that is filling into your position to have thoughts of hatred for you? Or do you want him to admire your dedication? No matter how simple it may be.

Eventually, this whole article boils down to this one paragraph. When you are leaving somewhere, always ask yourself this question: Did I leave this place better than I met it?

If yes, KUDOS!!!

If no, kindly close this page and never open another Heshar speech again, leave quietly so a better one can take your place.

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