Understanding the slogan: Protocol sucks

The world is filled with 7 billion people,

Each one of these with a mind not so simple.

Each one living in its own modified version of reality,

So beautiful, no one could break it all down in analysis.

Look at the mentally ill, the schizophrenics,

Having to deal with the pushy voices,

Hoping they don’t succumb to the demanding noises,

Look at the gender racists, the sexists,

Amused by the population growth of feminists.

Look at the stories of the leaders,

Mandela, Napoleon and Hitler.

The problem sets in when people try to enforce their own reality, their beliefs and approaches to life, on other people,

Or when people judge other people’s versions of reality based on their own version.

If he is gay, he believes in bromance, and that is simply his version of reality.

If he is black, his skin has melanin in substantial quantity, and thats his reality.

If he is an atheist…..

If he’s an idiot……

We want a world where peace exists,

Yet we lock up a man if he loves another man. What happens after he serves his sentence, is he allowed to live freely??

The bible says to remove the log in your eyes, before attempting to remove the specks in other people’s eyes.

How do we even see eye to eye in a collective reality, where we celebrate the corrupt, and punish the hungry when they take any action??

A collective reality, created with so many loop holes nobody seems eager to challenge. A collective reality we just exist in, not wondering, just because we have our own beliefs.

Have we become emotionless in our existence, zombies??

This collective reality, this society, governed by rules made by people who refuse to acknowledge that the world is changing.

An open collective reality, where every one can be challenged, and their actions questioned, where everybody is free to believe, to live as they see the world.

This is the reality that I see, the cause I believe in, and the driving force of this blog…IMG_0680.JPG

So by saying “protocol sucks”, I mean to say that the way the rules in this collective reality is set up SUCKS!!