Be yourself!!!

There are two kinds of people in this world;

Those who look to be inspired by people that stand out,

Those who look to inspire people by standing out.

For in any approach we try to take it,

or any method we try to make it,

We do not actually live our own lives without being ourselves.

Where we live in a society that constantly increases its expectations

A society that holds science in high esteem,

yet wonder why the finance and art sector is sparsely populated,

A society that lays excessive emphasis on being a virgin,

Yet fly whispers when marriages fail due to inexperience,

A society that seeks to endorse peace,

Yet spends millions in acquiring weapons and ammo,

A society that constantly preaches the usefulness of degrees,

Yet would gladly pay a million to see Wizkid perform.

Is this the society that you want to sacrifice your abilities to satisfy?

The irony of it makes me wonder,

Why do we even attempt to blend in?

Do we take the hard and dedicated way to ensure stability?

Or do we take the shortcut, with all its promises?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Ben Carson,

As a kid now, he will tell you he wants to be like Michael jackson.

A wise man once told me: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.

Whether you want to fly,

Or whether you want to run as fast as the wind.

Whether you can’t solve a simple differential calculus question,

Or whether you cant spell ‘believe’

Do not choose you weaknesses at the expense of your strengths just because society demands it from you.

Always be yourself, run towards the sun away from your kryptonite,

And you will always be happy.



#Super heroes, Yay or Nay??

So, i have always wondered if super heroes are real??

I know they are not, but there is this titsy-bitsy part of me that keeps insisting that they do #heshar

Assuming they do? Imagine how nice it will be to have Justice league of Nigeria? #heshar

They will probably be dealing with thieves that wear Agbada and suits to steal our money #heshar

The main problem these leagues of vigilantes face is that people don’t accept them because they wield too much power, with advanced weapons #heshar

I think people are scared of them because their secrets are going to be out in the open #heshar

Wouldn’t it be better to have powerful people with the capabilities to annihilate us and the power to subdue evil on our sides, rather than against us?? #heshar

Seriously though, i was just thinking… Its strictly from my imagination
No plagiarism *lips sealed*